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DAVI Engine

Daitron Automatic Visual Inspection Engine

"DAVI Engine" is a generic name of the Company's core technologies optimized on an advanced level by integrating AI (deep learning) with our D&P Company's know-how in high-precision optical imaging technologies & equipment system technologies. With our application carrying this Engine, we provide solutions ranging from development machines to fully automatic inspection equipment, to contribute to releasing operators from visual inspection of products.

Total automatization solution for visual inspectiondavi_logo_blue.png

Our core technology Engine provides total automatization (equipment introduction) solution for visual inspection!
From product development and productivity improvement to resolution of worker shortage
Provides a technology quite similar to emulation visual inspection!
Pursuing a high level of reproducibility at inspection sites

Solve the shortage of visual inspectors! Prevent appearance defective items from flowing out!
- Guarantee of inspection reproducibility ±2 micron or more *
- Quickly with manpower reduced

Reduces time up to completion of automation start to 1/2 or less (compared to that of conventional Company products) *

Ensured traceability

- Versatility Easy response to multiple variety change with AI (deep learning) function

*May vary according to conditions

Example of Engine loaded application
Standalone DAVI-1200 Fully automatic inspection equipment DAVI-6000
davi-1200.png davi-6000.png

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Use and strengthdavi_logo_blue.png

1 High-magnification & high-precision, best for 3D appearance defect detection >

High-precision device for 5G communication

High-precision optical lens

High-precision 3D device

Complex shape medical device


Allows both intuitive appearance determination and numerical determination >

Integration of AI (deep learning) learning function and rule-based numerical control

Defect in fiber/texture

Can inspect fuzzy shapes

Determines discontinuous patterns of meat, etc.

3 Pre-introduction consulting by [D-LABO Kanazawa] is possible >

Remote sample evaluation at customer's site is possible

Prior evaluation with actual machines at D-LABO Kanazawa is possible

Remote consultation after introduction is possible

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Function and characteristicsdavi_logo_blue.png

Fastest high-precision inspection [optimized as a system]

High-definition & high-speed imaging >

- Ideal imaging
- Imaging free from tricks
- Ideal high-speed processing


Equipment introduction/system integration & control >

- Will meet your requests from standalones to high-speed multi-processors.
- Integrated control of all equipment by original software development. Will provide dynamic inspection reliability and stability required for fully automatic equipment
- Supports higher-level communications networks, and allows data linking with preceding and subsequent equipment

Hybrid image processing >

AI (deep learning) × Rule base

- Combines the best of various image processing methods used in the industry!
- Allows adjustment by quantitative indices with rule-based control and deep learning combined!
- The "processing engine of an inspection equipment specialist," who knows all about machine vision

- Uncompressed images directly to image processing


DAVI Editor >

Ultimate automatic inspection setting editor

- Drag & Drop GUI type image processing library arrangement tool!

- Even parameter knowledge for image processing, not to mention programming knowledge, is unnecessary
- Parameters required for an automatic inspection are all available!

- A good selection of image processing libraries, which are implementable in DAVI Editor.


DAVI Em System >

(DAVI Emulator System)

- Inspection condition setting is sharable between standalones and full automatic machines

(1) Will greatly reduce time for establishing an automatic inspection line and variety change!

(2) The setting recommended in [D-LABO Kanazawa] can be tried immediately at your site!

6 Precise motion control technology >

- Precision stage technology for high-magnification inspections. Optimal control by total design from parts/assembly accuracy to various alignment controls and anti-vibration design
- Provides high-speed handling meeting all your needs required for fully automatic equipment


DAVI Data Viewer >

[Inspection result review & Analysis function]

(Inspection result value data output)

- The built-in mechanism allows the inspection data visualization and inspection result analyses
- Will reduce the gray range in determination and enhance yield
- Will facilitate the inspection accuracy and reliability improvement
- Will facilitate previous data retrieval by storing images in the database

(future distribution map & graph display, viewer (visualizing software))


[D-LABO Kanazawa] Consultation >

[Sample evaluation system]

- Consultation and proposal for automation of customers' appearance inspection with enhanced evaluation equipment and systems
- Support for inspection conditions after delivery

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