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DAL Pulse Engine

Daitron Advanced Laser Pulse Engine

"DAL" is a generic name of Daitron's core technology developed through optimization on an advanced level of the semiconductor laser driving technology (light-emitting technology) and the measurement know-how that our D&P Company has polished over a long time. With our application carrying this Engine, we provide solutions ranging from development machines to fully automatic inspection equipment to contribute to improved reliability of your 5G high-speed communications network and automatic driving/prevention safety technologies by LiDAR, etc.

Visualization solution for high-speed and high-output laserdal_logo_blue.png

Core technology engine for Deep Inspection (close examination) of pulse laser diodes (PLD)!
Will visualize the performance of high-speed and high-output LD. Completely unclothe the true performance!
Reproducibility: Provision of a measurement environment infinitely close to the product usage environment.
Pursued reproducibility of the device performance in actual operation loaded on LiDAR or other equipment. Real and dynamic measurement data.

Will improve the reliability of automatic operation and preventive safety technologies! To prevent defective devices from flowing out!
- Assurance Ensured performance and quality of PLD devices
- High accuracy Contributes to improved "optical ranging performance" of LiDAR products
- High reliability Reliable "All- in-One technology" solution
Realizes LD drive + measurement + environment + fully automatic inspection as a whole
Example of Engine loaded application
DPLT (Automated Package Tester) DBLT (Bar Tester) DLTS (Package Tester)
DPLT.png DBLT.png DLTS.png

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Use and strengthdal_logo_blue.png

The DAL Pulse Engine is a compilation of highly precise and refined distinctive basic functions in drive, measurement, and testing. Daitron will provide inspection solutions suitable to your device performance combining our conventional technologies in equipment introduction/system integration and high-speed and high-precision robotics to contribute to your product assurance.

Provision of optimal measurement environments according to various device uses >


PLD device characterization for LiDAR equipment

Characterization of LD devices for 5G communications

Characterization of high-intensity LD devices for illumination sources


Fully covers necessary measurement for PLD device characterizations for LiDAR! >

Specialized for each application of high-output lasers and fully equipped with every conceivable type of measurement

Highly reproducible measurement. Pulse shape drive and measurement infinitely close to the actual LD-loaded equipment (sample hold system) >

Life estimation observation of LD is possible. Observation of the energy dependence (Variable pulse/NFP measurement function) >


Pre-introduction consulting by [D-LABO Kyoto] is possible >


Sample evaluation system by specialized engineers
Consultation ranging from measurement jig production to automatic inspection equipment

Measuring jigs and measuring equipment fully prepared

We provide consultation up to characterization methods themselves.

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Function and characteristicsdal_logo_blue.png

Functions of applications specialized for LiDAR


DAL Pulse Drive >


A driver circuit technology of outputting our original super-high-speed and high-current pulses


DAL Direct Measurement >


A technology of precisely measuring wave shapes in high-speed pulsed operating mode


DAL Test System >

[combined measurement]

Combined technology for reliable determinations with the use of respective data measured precisely


Standard specifications common to measuring equipment >

Measurement control function
Data display
Data conversion function
Safety function


Precise motion control technology >

- Precision stage technology for high-magnification inspections. Optimal control by total design from parts/assembly accuracy to various alignment controls and anti-vibration design
- Provides high-speed handling meeting all your needs required for fully automatic equipment.

6 Equipment introduction & integrated system control >

- Will meet your requests from standalones to high-speed multi-processors.
- Integrated control of all equipment by original software development. Will provide dynamic inspection reliability and stability required for fully automatic equipment.
- Supports higher-level communications networks, and allows data linking with preceding and subsequent equipment.


[D-LABO Kyoto] Consultation >

A laboratory specialized in measurement, inspections, and evaluations based in an ancient city Kyoto

- Provides consultations and proposals for automated characterization with enhanced evaluation equipment and systems
- Will accept consultations on post-delivery support and new themes

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