Company Information

Message from the President

Shinsuke Tsuchiya, President, CEO and COO

Make a leap forward in the global market as a technology-based company.

We at Daitron Group has started moving toward the next stage to create new value. Our goal is to be a technology-based company which grasps markets from a global viewpoint to create and propose values one step ahead of customer needs. We are going to promote the Mid-Term Management Plan steadily with a view to fulfilling our Vision ahead of sustained growth.

Any assistance and courtesies you would kindly extend to us would be most appreciated.



≪Long-Term Vision≫

Corporate image to pursue

  • A company that contributes to society as a technology-based company with technical and sales capabilities developed from a global point of view
  • A company that introduces innovations and realizes high productivity based on diversity
  • A company that its employees feel happy to work for and proud of
  • A company that has the strength of solidarity with an organizational culture of working autonomously and actively