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Daitron's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We established the Management Philosophy in 1993, which spells out our responsibilities for corporate ethics, global environment and social contribution, not to mention compliance with laws and regulations.
Under this Philosophy, we hold that we can contribute to the sound development of society and our CSR can thereby be fulfilled when our own sustainable growth is more consolidated through positive interaction with the stakeholders and by extending the fruits resulting from it.
In addition, we regard building good relationships of trust with all the stakeholders and ensuring timely and proper information disclosure and management transparency for effective and healthy corporate management as the fundamentals of our corporate governance policy based on this Philosophy.

Our CSR Conceptual Diagram

Our Basic CSR Policy

Environmental Protection

We have developed the Environmental Management System under our Environmental Management Philosophy to promote environmental conservation activities such as protection of environmental pollution, energy-saving, recycling, waste reduction and green procurement.

Quality and Safety

We have built an effective quality management system and obtained ISO9001 certification in order to ensure conformity to relevant laws and regulations and consistent levels of product quality.

Social Contribution

In 2001, the late Mr. Zenshiro Takamoto, the Company's founder, established the Daitron Welfare Foundation to sponsor handicapped employment supporting institutions, etc. as well as research organizations studying how to help the handicapped participate in society and improve their lives. The Company is actively supporting these social action activities in sympathy with them including contributions to this Foundation.

Our Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Based on the recognition that creating a people-friendly and earth-friendly environment is one of our top priority issues, we will contribute to global environment protection by reducing environmental burdens through development, production, and sales of every product and related service.

Environmental Policy

Based on the above Environmental Philosophy, we will promote, and continuously improve, environmental management system activities in accordance with the Action Guidelines shown below to reduce environmental impacts of our business operations ranging from design, manufacture, and sales of products to related services and achieve harmony with the global environment.

Action Guidelines

  1. Environmental friendliness and protection
    To eliminate environmental pollutants and reduce environmental burdens, we will promote environment-friendly design, manufacture, and sales of products as well as green procurement.
    For effective use of precious resources, we will promote energy saving and recycling, and reduce wastes.
  2. Independent environmental activities
    To promote environmental activities, we will establish, regularly review, and revise as necessary, our own environmental objectives.
  3. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
    In promoting environmental activities, we will comply with any applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements agreed on by the Company.
  4. Promotion of educational activities
    For improved environmental awareness and activities, we will take measures to make the Environmental Policy well recognized by all employees including education and training.
  5. Efforts at controlling chemical substances in products
    We will promote establishment of a system for controlling chemical substances in products throughout the supply chains.
  6. Information Disclosure
    The Environmental Policy will be open to the public.

Green Procurement

As part of our efforts at environmental protection, we are actively promoting green procurement.

  1. System for controlling chemical substances contained in products
    We are promoting establishment of a system for controlling chemical substances in products throughout the supply chains.
  2. Promotion of green procurement
    We have established the guidelines we request our suppliers to refer to for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and other requirements in sales areas of our products (to be published when prepared).


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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We will establish an effective quality management system for the purpose of providing products and services meeting the needs of customers based on the Management Philosophy.
For implementing this Policy, we will act on the following Action Guidelines.

Action Guidelines

  1. Compliance with customer requirements and statutory requirements
    To provide trusted quality, we will seek conformity to the customer requirements and any relevant statutory requirements in the business activities.
  2. Continuous improvement in quality management system
    We will establish, and seek to achieve, and regularly review the Quality Objectives, and continuously improve the quality management system.
  3. Promotion of educational activities
    We will not only make the Quality Policy well recognized by all employees, but also actively promote education and training for the quality management system.

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

We will assist in the realization of a society in which respect is given to human rights. In order for that, we are determined to exert efforts to fulfill the responsibility for respecting human rights while making contributions to society through business activities.

Action Guidelines

  1. Responsibility for respecting human rights
    We, all officers and employees of the Company, will work to fulfill the responsibility for human rights by not abusing human rights and by addressing adverse impacts on human rights in business operations and transactions.
    In cases where the adverse impacts on human rights by any of our business partners or other persons concerned are directly linked to our operations, products, or services, we will request them to respect, and not to abuse, human rights, and if we find they are disregarding human rights, deal with it appropriately.
  2. Relation between our values and policies
    We are a member of society, and believe that we can contribute to creating an environment in which human rights are respected. We understand that every business must, and are naturally expected to, fulfill the responsibility for human rights in its operations. This Human Rights Policy represents our commitment to fulfill this responsibility based on the Corporate Philosophy.
  3. Fulfillment of responsibility for human rights
    We will fulfill our responsibility for human rights through the execution of the Unite Nation's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
    In addition, if it is revealed that the Company caused, or was or is involved with, adverse impacts on human rights, we will address remedying them through appropriate internal and external procedures. We will comply with the applicable local laws and regulations of each region in which we operate.
    Moreover, where there is a discrepancy between internationally recognized human rights and the laws of a certain country, we will seek ways to respect the international human rights principles.

Labor Policy

Labor Policy

We will respect the human rights of all workers we employ in any form including temporary employees, seasonal employees, student employees, contact employees, and direct employees, and treat them with respect of their dignity in a manner to win international understanding.

Action Guidelines

  1. Free choice of employment
    We will not use any involuntary labor such as forced labor, slave labor, and labor by confinement, trafficking, or similar.
    When employing a foreign employee who don't understand the language of the region of employment, we will furnish them with an employment agreement containing the employment terms and conditions in the native language of such employee.
    We will guarantee employees' freedom of leaving their jobs or terminating employment at any time.
    We will neither retain employees' passports, work permits, etc. against their will (excluding cases where such retainment is required by law) nor prevent them from using the same freely.
    We will not claim an employment charge or any other payment from employees.
  2. Young workers
    We will not employ workers younger than 18 years old.
    When employing a student employee, we will protect their rights and ensure appropriate control of them in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
    We will provide student employees with appropriate support and training.
    In case there is no applicable local law, we will pay student, intern, and apprentice employees at the rates equal to other new employees engaging in the same or similar work.
  3. Working hours
    The Company's weekly working hours will, excluding cases of emergency, not exceed 60 hours including overtime hours, as provided for by law.
    Employees will be given at least one day off in seven days.
  4. Wage and welfare
    The remuneration to employees will be in conformity with any and all applicable wage related laws and regulations including laws related to minimum wage, overtime work, and welfare benefits required by law.
    We will pay for overtime work at hourly rates higher than for normal time.
    We will provide pay statements for each payment period containing information sufficient to confirm the accurate amount of remuneration.
  5. Humane treatment
    We eliminate unpleasant, inhumane acts such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse, physical punishments, mental or physical constraints, or verbal abuse to/against employees, and make the disciplinary policies against such acts known to employees.
  6. Elimination of discrimination
    We will work to make our workplaces free from harassments or illegal discriminations.
    We will not practice discrimination in respect of wage, promotion, remuneration, and any employment related practical business, based on race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, ethnic or national origin, disability, pregnancy, or religion.
  7. Freedom of association
    We will respect the rights of forming and joining a labor union at respective employee's will for realizing collective bargaining and participating in peaceful assemblies, as well as the rights of refraining from such activities. We will ensure that our employees or their representatives can communicate and share with the management views and concerns regarding the working conditions and administration practice without fear of discrimination, retaliation, threat, or harassment.

Safety and Health Policy

Safety and Health Policy

We will seek to provide employees with safe and sanitary working environments for the purpose of minimizing occupational injuries and diseases, and improving the retention rate and morale of employees in addition to the quality of products and services.

Action Guidelines

  1. Occupational safety
    We will work to ensure appropriate design, preventive maintenance, and safe working procedures against latent risks such as electricity and other energy sources, fire, vehicles, and falling hazard, and exercise safety management through safety training for employees.
    If unable to control risks appropriately by these means, we will provide employees with personal protective equipment appropriately and properly maintained against, and training materials regarding, such risks.
  2. Preparation for emergency
    We will place major emphasis on minimizing damage to lives, environments, and assets by taking emergency measures and response procedures in case of an emergency.
  3. Occupational accident and disease
    We will establish and operate the procedures and systems to prevent, control, follow up, and report occupational accidents and diseases.
  4. Industrial hygiene
    We will control chemical, biological, and physical risks to employees appropriately, and if unable to control them sufficiently, provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment.
  5. Physically demanding work
    We will specify and assess, and appropriately control, risks to employees associated with physically demanding work.
  6. Safety measures for machines
    We will assess the safety of machines for production, etc. In case there is a risk of employees being injured by machines, we will provide physical protection such as interlock units and protective barriers, and maintain them appropriately.
  7. Sanitation
    We will provide employees with clean toilet facilities and drinking water.
  8. Safety and health communication
    We will provide employees with safety and health education and training.
    We will post up safety and health information clearly in each facility.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics

The Company will observe the highest level of business ethics to fulfill its social responsibility and achieve success in the market.

Action Guidelines

  1. Sound business
    We will prohibit any and all kinds of bribery, corruption, robbery, and embezzlement.
    We will conduct all transactions with transparency, and record them accurately in the accounting books.
    We will establish and carry out the monitoring procedures to ensure compliance with corruption preventive laws.
  2. Elimination of inappropriate interests
    We will prohibit undertaking, offering, permitting, providing, or approving means to obtain bribery or any other unjust or inappropriate interests.
    This prohibition includes acts through a third party.
  3. Information disclosure
    We will disclose information on labor, safety and health, environment, business activities, finances, and performance in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Intellectual Property
    We will respect intellectual property rights, and protect them in transferring any technology and know-how.
    We will protect information related to customers' intellectual property rights by appropriate means.
  5. Fair business, advertising, and competition
    We will conform to standards to ensure fair business, advertising, and competition.
  6. Protection of identity and elimination of retaliation
    We will ensure that the confidentiality, anonymity, and protection of supplier and employee whistleblowers will be maintained unless it is prohibited by law.
    We will retain the communication process for employees to express their concern without fear of retaliation.
  7. Responsible procurement of minerals
    There is a global concern that the mineral resources mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries are providing a source of funds to armed groups causing human rights abuses and environmental destruction. Global supply chain traceability investigations have been conducted by US listed companies, etc. since 2013 to confirm whether or not their supply chains contain such conflict minerals, which investigations we are cooperating in actively as a member of the supply chains.
  8. Privacy
    We will work on reasonable protection of personal information of all persons involved in our business including suppliers, customers, consumers, and employees in a manner that will meet their expectations.
    In collecting, storing, processing, transferring, and sharing personal information, we will comply with the requirements of laws and regulations concerning privacy and information security.

Our Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

Amid this rapidly changing business environment surrounding corporations with the increasing globalization of the world economy, for corporate health and sustainable growth we are aware that improving management system and enhancing corporate governance from the shareholders-oriented standpoint are among the most important challenges for us. The key elements of our corporate governance principles include building good relationships of trust with all the stakeholders, ensuring timely and proper information disclosure and management transparency for shareholders, and following effective and healthy operating procedures, all of which are based on the Management Philosophy.

Compliance and Corporate Ethics

We established the Compliance Committee to formulate basic compliance policies and manuals that provide for the codes of ethics focusing on compliance with external relevant laws and regulations as well as internal rules of the Company. With this system implemented we are strengthening internal governance and promoting compliance activities for sound and smooth operation of the whole Group.

Risk Management

We regard risk management as a matter of extremely high priority in business administration and have established the Risk Management Committee, which is designed to work together with the Compliance Committee for the purpose of improved corporate value and reliability. Their mission is to prevent diverse possible risks that could seriously affect our business administration, to quickly and properly cope with each situation so that it would not damage the stakeholders' interests, and consequently to conserve management resources. Under this system administrators in charge of carrying out these activities are designated from each section, who are required to report promptly on the occurrence of any important issue concerning risk management.

Timely Disclosure and Information Management

We have created the Information Disclosure Committee for securing timely and appropriate disclosure of important corporate information while keeping it true, complete and accurate, which system has made possible a fair and quick decision on when and what information should be disclosed. We also have set up the information security rules and personal information protection rules for thoroughgoing information management.

Our Basic Attitude toward Internal Control System

The Company has established and is managing its internal control system for the purpose of sounder and more effective business management under the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance recognizing the following issues as first priorities:

  1. forming of an organization/corporate culture helpful to prevent scandals and comply with laws and regulations as well as maintenance of its effectiveness
  2. implementation of a system to identify and assess reasonably and manage properly foreseeable risks in business management
  3. forming of an organization/corporate culture helpful to secure reliability of financial reporting and disclosed information and maintain the effectiveness thereof

The Company has established and is operating its control environment based on the above matters.