Investor Relations

Message to Our Shareholders

We Will Push Forward the 11th Medium-Term Business Plan toward the 2030 VISION

Shinsuke Tsuchiya, President, CEO and COO

In 2024, our 11th three-year Medium-Term Business Plan (11M) started as the second step toward our long-term vision "2030 VISION." We aim to realize further growth while continuing the efforts from the 10th Medium-Term Business Plan (10M).

The target set in the 2030 VISION is "Consolidated net sales of over 100 billion yen for further expansion." The important thing is to be a company that continuously makes net sales of over 100 billion yen, and for that purpose, to prepare for the next step based on a firm foundation. To make sure of it, we will strengthen domestic business, overseas business, original products, and new businesses, as the four focus challenges in the 11M.

Recognizing that the strengthening of overseas business is the particularly important axis of growth, we will work on two key issues. One is the promotion of expansion focused on the electronic equipment and components business for more stable growth of the foundation of overseas business. The other is the further expansion of our global network with the intention of aggressively promoting overseas investment.

Further, for long-term growth, it is essential to constantly work on creating and developing new businesses. Under the 10M, the Green Facility (business for data centers) steadily grew to be able to generate stable revenue. In the 11M, we will develop new pillars for revenue by proceeding with software-related and other projects, in addition to the Green Facility business.

In addition to simply growing in revenue, with the aim of contributing to a sustainable society through the promotion of ESG management, we will further promote sustainability initiatives through business activities as a public organ of society.

Having a strong relationship with new technologies indispensable for future society such as EVs, automation, AI, and IoT communication technologies, the electronics industry will definitely continue growing. We will accelerate our growth under the slogan "Make a leap forward in the global market as a technology-based company."

Your continued support and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.