Investor Relations

Message to Our Shareholders

Isayuki Mae, President and COO

Toward the next growth stage by realizing "new value creation" in pursuit of the combined manufacturing and sales policy.

In 2018, the second year of the 9th Mid-Term Management Plan (9M), the Company reported increases in both sales and profits for the fifth consecutive year, hitting a new record high. The main factor of the achivement is the growth of the business relating to the three key words: semicodutor, automation and IoT.
After focusing on the establishment of the foundations to enable sales and profits to continuously grow up to 8M, the Group has started from 9M the efforts to increase sales and profits in earnest and construct a footing for exceeding the record performance set in 2006 as early as possible toward a "100-billion company."
Especially essential in order to keep growing both in salesa and profits, exceeding the record performance is to build a highly profitable structure in which profits (added value) will never decline even when the sales size further expands. It is no easy task to realize business expansion while putting stress on added value, but the Group is going to pull together and work toward it as the top priority agenda to be a "100-billion company."

As a major action policy in the 9th Mid-Term Management Plan (9M), the Group has been working on "new value creation" in every respect including personnel, organization, and function, under the "combined manufacturing and sales policy."
Firstly, we are going to integrate the technological development related divisions which were separated in the three companies before merger and launch the Engineering Division (provisional name). It is aimed at new market development by centralizing scattered information including customer needs and technical data, and "combining technologies."
Secondly, "combining personnel." Now that an environment that allows smoother exchanges of excellent human resources between "sales" and "manufacture" is prepared by the three-company merger, we are going to accelerate such exchanges and eventually lead them to "combining marketing ability and technological development capability."
To be a unique existence always outstanding in the industry, and to be an organization that always respects each employee -- it has been, and will continuingly be, Daitron's business attitude. In addition, the Group is going to establish a new culture as a "combined manufacturing and sales unit" and further increase its "united" power.
The Group is going, through these efforts, to create "new value" for the world, and thereby accelerate growth and push up the management to the next stage.

We would very much look forward to your continued support.

Isayuki Mae