Daitron Group Information Security Statement

Daitron Group, as an electronics company, will take all possible measures for ensuring appropriate handling of the information collected from you, to contribute to enhanced individual business and further development of the industry.

  1. All our employees share the recognition that the ensuring and reinforcement of information security is the basic duty for the Group to perform prior to business with trading partners and take all possible measures for appropriate information management.
  2. The Group has established information security systems for promoting maintenance and reinforcement of information security, and taken necessary measures based on the examination from many different angles such as person, goods, technology, and operation.
  3. The Group has established internal rules for the prevention of unauthorized access to and forgery, leaks, etc. of information, and complies with relevant laws and regulations. It is also working to develop the awareness and improve the operational environment that allows no unfaithful act through employee education and internal audits.

Daitron Group Information Security Policys

Daitron Group has built a system to promote for maintenance and reinforcement of the security of information regarding its trading partners, and taken necessary measures based on the examination from personnel, physical, technological, and operational aspects. However, since the environment surrounding information security is changing rapidly, constant response is required. The Group is going to maintain proper information security by always watching the latest trend and making continuous improvements.