Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Daitron Co., Ltd. ("Company") will handle personally identifiable information provided for the Company ("Personal Information") in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Company will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws, regulations and standards, and establish, steadily implement, maintain, and continuously improve, its internal rules for controlling the same.
  2. The Company will establish a controlling system for protection of Personal Information and work to ensure that all its officers and employees fully understand and strictly comply with this Policy.
  3. The Company will not provide or disclose any Personal Information to a third party except as consented by the person; provided, however, that this will not apply where it is legally required, where it is required to protect a human life or body or property and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent, or where there is any other due reason.
  4. The Company will give its best effort to prevent Personal Information from being leaked, lost, damaged, or illegally accessed, by taking appropriate security measures.
  5. In obtaining, retaining, using, or disclosing Personal Information, the Company will ensure that no right or interest of the relevant person may be impaired, and will respond to inquiries concerning Personal Information from the person with sincerity.

Shinsuke Tsuchiya, President
Daitron Co., Ltd.

Handling of Personal Information Held by the Companys

  1. Purpose of Use
    The Company will use Personal Information for the following purposes:
    • Sales and marketing activities for its products and other related products;
    • Providing information on new products and services, or events such as exhibitions and seminars;
    • Internal marketing research, and preparation/analysis of statistical data;
    • Recruiting activities and other employment management; and
    • Other use in incidental/related business or operations.
  2. Use for Unintended Purpose
    In case of using Personal Information for a purpose other than the above, the Company will expressly specify the purpose and the contact info for inquiries at the time of acquisition of such information, and not use it for any other purpose.
  3. Outsourcing
    The Company may from time to time outsource the handling of Personal Information to a third party entity to the extent required for specific limited business (such as stock, shipment of goods, printing, data center, customer satisfaction survey, and other business necessary for sales activities) for improved services and business efficiency. In such case, the Personal Information to be outsourced and the scope of use will be limited to the minimum extent necessary for such relevant business.
    Additionally, the Company will control and supervise the contractors by taking appropriate safety measures such as imposing contractual obligations on them.
  4. Personal Information regarding Employment
    Personal Information obtained regarding employment (employment management data) will be covered by this Privacy Policy.
  5. Aquisition through the Web
    Personal Information provided through the inquiry form on the Company website or e-mail will be covered by this Privacy Policy.
  6. Disclosure, Correction, or Deletion
    The Company will respond to requests from the person to disclose, correct, or delete any Personal Information to the extent reasonably and legally possible; provided, however, that no request by a personal call will be accepted because it takes time for personal identification. Please note that such request is subject to an administrative charge of 1,000 yen (including tax) per request.
    Please understand that it may take two weeks or so to give an answer to such requests, though the Company will make its best effort to respond without delay.
  7. Inquiry about the Privacy Policy
    Inquiries about our Privacy Policy will be requested to be mailed to the following address together with the following documents including necessary information.
    Personal Information provided for such purpose will also be covered by this Privacy Policy.
    1. Necessary information
      (1) Name
      (2) Address
      (3) Contact information (phone number or email address)
      (4) Description of request (disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use, erasure, cessation of provision to a third party, complaint, etc.)
    2. Necessary documents to be attached
      • (1) Form of identification
        • If the principal is making the request:
          1) Original copy of certificate of residence or alien registration ledger issued within one month before such request; and
          2) One of the following documents:
          - Copy of driver's license;
          - Copy of passport;
          - Copy of health insurance card;
          - Copy of pension book; or
          - Copy of foreign registration card
        • If an agent is making the request:
          1) Original copy of the principal's certificate of residence;
          2) Letter of proxy; and;
          3) Original of certificate of the principal's seal impression used in the letter of proxy
          * In case the agent is a legal representative:
          1) Document proving such qualification (i.e. a copy of family register or an extract thereof, certificate of family court, certificate of registered matters, etc.) issued within one month before such request; and
          2) One of the following documents:
          - Copy of the representative's driver's license;
          - Copy of the representative's passport;
          - Copy of the representative's health insurance card;
          - Copy of the representative's pension book; or
          - Copy of the representative's foreign registration card
      • (2)Postage stamp equivalent to 1,000 yen
        * In case the stamps are insufficient in amount or not enclosed, you will be so notified, and if the balance is not paid within a specified period, the relevant request will be deemed to have not been made.
      <Contact for inquiries concerning Personal Information>
      PERSONAL INFORMATION - General Affairs Dept., Daitron Co., Ltd.
      Address: 6-11, Miyahara 4-chome, Yodogawa-ku, OSAKA 532-0003, JAPAN
      (9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday: excluding public holidays, year-end and new-year holidays and other holidays specified by the Company are excluded.)
  8. Revision in Privacy Policy
    This Privacy Policy may be revised when necessary.
    In case of any significant change, the Company will put an announcement on the Company website for a certain period in such a manner that the revised part can be clearly known.

Our Website Privacy Policy

  1. Daitron Co., Ltd. ("Company") will handle Personal Information provided by its customers through the inquiry form on the website or e-mail in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Company.
  2. Customers can visit the Company website without disclosing their Personal Information, and no Customers' Personal Information will be collected just by browsing it.
  3. The Company is making its best efforts to prevent customers' important Personal Information registered from being leaked, lost, damaged, or illegally accessed by using appropriate security measures such as a special cryptographic communication technology (SSL) and managing on a dedicated server protected by a security system.
  4. In case any content on this website separately sets out its own privacy policy or is linked to any content presenting the same, such privacy policy will prevail.
  5. The Company uses SSL encryption for all communications regarding transactions with customers and customers' Personal Information.
  6. Use of cookies and IP addresses
    The Company may use cookies and IP addresses on the website operated by the Company for the following purposes:
    - To discover the cause of problems that occurred from a server and solve them;
    - To improve the contents of the website and e-mails, etc.;
    - To customize the contents the website and e-mails, etc. for each user;
    - To use for marketing campaign the members' browsing history and questionnaire results, etc. obtained in membership services requiring prior registration of personal information; and
    - To use as statistical data in a manner that the individual cannot be identified.
    You may refuse the use of cookies by the Company by refusing to receive cookies by the setting of the Web browser. In such case, however, there will be restrictions including the inability to use some functions such as customization features.
  7. The Company may use Google Analytics to grasp the usage situation of the Company website. Google Analytics, using first-party cookies, collects the access information to it without identifying the individuals. The methods of collecting and using the access information are specified in the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy. For the detail of Google Analytics, please refer to the following page. (Google Analytics™ is a trademark of Google Inc.).