Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

One of the most important issues the Company should tackle to ensure corporate soundness under the increasingly globalizing and significantly changing business environment is to enhance the business administration system and corporate governance from the shareholder-oriented point of view. In this context, it is our policy to establish good relations of trust with all the stakeholders and ensure timely and appropriate information disclosure and transparent management for efficient and sound business management based on the Management Philosophy.

Basic Idea on Internal Control System

For the purpose of healthier and more effective business management, the Company established and operates its internal control system based on the Basic Corporate Governance Policy, giving the highest priority to the following:

1) creating corporate systems and culture for preventing scandals and legal compliance;
2) preparing systems for reasonable identification and assessment and adequate management of risks predictable in business management; and
3) creating corporate systems and culture for ensuring the reliability of business report and disclosed information, as well as maintaining the effectiveness of them.

Organization Chart