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Our strength is comprehensive power as a group
"Combined manufacturing and sales policy"

6 strengths of Daitron

Daitron Co., Ltd, putting "how to respond to customer needs" first, demonstrates its comprehensive Group strength under the combined manufacturing and sales policy based on the marketing power only an engineering trading company could have in addition to the technologies and the manufacturing function excelling in niche markets. Our original products are created by capitalizing on D&P Company's manufacturing function and M&S Company's trading function. The collective strengths of all the domestic and overseas Group companies enable the Group to have every function from technical development to manufacture.
Additionally, with local subsidiaries and offices established in the US, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Hanoi, we are pursuing our global strategy on a full scale.

We intrduced
the internal company system.

Marketing & Sales Company Global Business Division Identifies customer needs and offers cutting-edge products
Development & Production Company Develops and produces original products making use of high-level technological capability

Marketing & Sales
Global Business Division

Offering products most suitable for your needs from M&S Company,
serving the sales function, and the Electronic Components & Equipment's six segments and
the Manufacturing Equipment's five segments under the Global Business Division.

Electronic Equipment and Components

Electronic Components &
Assembly Products
Embedded Systems
Power Supply
Image-related Equipment
and Parts
Information Systems

Manufacturing Equipment

FPD Manufacturing
LSI Manufacturing
Electronic Materials
Manufacturing Equipment
Optical Device (OPT)
Manufacturing Equipment
Energy Device
Manufacturing Equipment

Development & Production

D&P Company serving the manufacture function.
Develops and produces high value-added original products with the five core technologies
of Parts Business and the six core technologies of Equipment Business.

Parts Business

Ultralow-noise switching
power supply
Hermetic connector
Underwater connector
Industrial wire harness
High-functional harness
(industrial Ethernet cable)

Equipment Business

LSI manufacturing equipment
FPD manufacturing equipment
Optical Device (OPT)
Manufacturing Equipment
Electronic Materials
Manufacturing Equipment

Core Technology

Parts Business
Core Technology : Power management technology, Glass hermetic sealing technology, Imaging technology, Assembly technology, Connecting technology
Equipment Business
Core Technology : Grinding & polishing technology, Measurement control technology, Precision cleaning technology, Thermal control technology, Precise motion control technology, Microfabrication technology