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Announcement regarding effects of 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

To whom it may concern;

We at Daito Electron Co., Ltd. would like to extend our deepest wishes of peace of the departed souls as well as our sincerest sympathies to all the people affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes, which have occurred frequently since Thursday, April 14, 2016.

Below are the effects on the Group we have learned up to now.

1.Situation of damage
   (1)Personal damage
         We confirmed that there was no personal damage to any of the Group employees and
         their family members.
   (2)Property damages to office
         Some fixtures and fittings of our Kumamoto Satellite Office in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto
         City fell and crashed but the damage was minor.
2.Office operations
   Despite the abovementioned damage to part of the office, the Kumamoto Satellite Office
   has resumed operations to the extent possible, ensuring safety.
3. Product supply
   (1)Procurement of parts and materials
        We are currently collecting information on the damage situation of our suppliers.
   (2)Shipping status
        Our Tokyo and Osaka Logistics Centers are making shipments but the delivery
        companies have announced their expectations of delays in deliveries to the affected area.

Please note that the circumstances are subject to change according to the restoration status, etc. of the affected area.  Our General Affairs Department has been seeking relevant information including the damage to the Group.  We will announce updated information as soon as possible when necessary.  Thank you for your understanding.

PR/IR Team, Business Management Sec., Management System Dept.
Daito Electron Co., Ltd.
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