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  • Electronic Equipment and Components Business
  • Manufacturing Equipment Business
  • Original Product Development

Electronic Equipment and Components Business

Offers solutions that will fit your particular needs with a large selection and fine-tuned response.

Our Electronic Equipment and Components Business has always constituted a very solid basis for Daito Electron since foundation.
It finds using its own network excellent domestic and foreign products from cutting-edge systems and equipment to core parts and deliver them to customers quickly.
It also realizes solutions that will satisfy customers by offering not only separate goods but also products combined for a particular purpose.

Electronic Components & Assembly Products

[Main Products]
connector, harness, PCB assembly, wiring

  • - information communication equipment
    - digital home appliances
    - automatic ticket gate
    - general industrial equipment
    - automotive equipment
    - medical-related equipment
  • - FA equipment
    - vacuum equipmentx
    - cellular phone
    - semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    - image-related equipment, etc.

[Main Products]
custom IC, ASSP, general-purpose products

  • - information communication equipment
    - digital home appliances
    - audiovisual equipment
    - network equipment
  • - medical electronic equipment
    - amusement
    - image-related equipment
    - cellular phone, etc.
Embedded System

[Main Products]
embedded system (embedded board)

  • - measuring equipment
    - image processing equipment
    - semiconductor-related equipment
    - machine control equipment
  • - medical-related equipment
    - information communication equipment
    - automotive equipment, etc.
Power Supply Equipment

[Main Products]
switching power supply, other power supply

  • - measuring equipment
    - digital home appliances
    - semiconductor-related equipment
    - audiovisual equipment
  • - medical-related equipment
    - information communication equipment
    - automotive equipment, etc.
Image-related Equipment and Parts

[Main Products]
CCD camera, lens, light, image processing equipment

  • - general industrial equipment
    - electronics part-related equipment
    - medical-related equipment
  • - semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    - FA equipment
    - automotive equipment, etc.
Information System

[Main Products]
image transmission system, contactless IC card systems

  • - settlement terminal market
    - image information system
    - network market
  • - PC market
    - security market
    - medical electronic equipment, etc.
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Manufacturing Equipment Business

Solves your problems swiftly making full use of good powers of information and mobility.

Our Manufacturing Equipment Business offers advanced manufacturing systems to support the production processes of the ever-progressing high-tech industry.
Its line of products includes a diverse array of independently developed products such as production equipment and inspection requipment for silicon wafers, ICs, LSIs, flat panels (LCD, CF, PDP), organic EL, and optical devices, as well as OEM products and general purchased goods to respond swiftly to the needs of customers seeking a good solution to their problem.

Manufacturing Equipment for LDs and LEDs
  • - LD (red/blue long-wave length)
    - LED, etc.
Liquid Crystal Display/Organic EL/Touch Panel/Cover Glass Manufacturing Equipment
  • - LCD panel
    - organic EL
    - touch panel
  • - LCD panel color filter
    - EL backlight
    - cover glass, etc.
Silicon/Sapphire Wafer, Device Manufacturing Equipment

Electronic material manufacturing equipment

  • - silicon wafer
    - quartz wafer
    - compound wafer
  • - sapphire wafer
    - optical fiber/optical lens
    - hard disk negative, etc.

Device manufacturing equipment

  • - LSI, power device
    - oxide device
    - ceramic device
  • - compound communication device
    - mask manufacturing equipment
    - manufacturing equipment for MEMS, etc.
Energy Device Manufacturing Equipment

Photovoltaic cell manufacturing equipment

  • - Si solar cell
    - compound solar cell
    - organic solar cell
    - fuel cell
  • - thin-film solar cell
    - dye-sensitized solar cell
    - lithium cell, etc.
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Original Product Development

Developing high-value added original products with excellent manufacturing function.

Daito Electron, having always based its business concept on production since foundation as a trading firm, has developed its own manufacturing equipment and other electronic equipment and parts to enhance the excellent manufacturing function in addition to the trading function, together with other Group companies.
To meet the needs of customers, we are going to keep creating such high-value added original products as the market haven't ever offered.

Daitron Technology Co., Ltd.

Development/manufacture of wafer edge grinding machine (WBM/CVP series),chip sorting machine (WCS series)

Development/manufacture of LED tester/prober, processing equipment

Daito Denso Co., Ltd.

Development/manufacture of original-system very low noise switching power supply custom UPS and transformer

Assembly design, manufacture, and customization of image device dedicated harness and other electronic equipment

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