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Daitron Co., Ltd, putting "how to respond to customer needs" first, demonstrates its comprehensive Group strength under the combined manufacturing and sales policy based on the marketing power only an engineering trading company could have in addition to the technologies and the manufacturing function excelling in niche markets. Our original products are created by capitalizing on D&P Company's manufacturing function and M&S Company's trading function. The collective strengths of all the domestic and overseas Group companies enable the Group to have every function from technical development to manufacture.
Additionally, with local subsidiaries and offices established in the US, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines, we are pursuing our global strategy on a full scale.

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POINT1 Business Model of Daitron Group

The trading function equipped with planning development capabilities, marketing power, and manufacturing technologies.
The manufacturing function with highly specialized abilities of Group manufacturing companies in fields from technical development to manufacture.
Excellent products and services of Daitron Group are created by its own business model called the "combined manufacturing and sales system" established on a combination of these two functions.

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Foresight and marketing power as a technical trading company

The Group always gives the top priority to customer satisfaction and makes the most of its global network and excellent marketing power that can find out nitch needs with great foresight that helps develop the most advanced products.
It has 10 overseas locations in the US, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, in addition to the nationwide domestic network with 16 locations ranging from Sendai to Kumamoto firmly linked with local people.

Daitron Global Network

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Distribution system of Daitron

The Company seeks to shorten the lead time and accelerate delivery and promote "real-time logistics," which provides newly arriving order data and shipping data.
It is also working on improving quality such as preventing misshipment by adopting the two-dimensional bar code system.
Further, in terms of inventory management, to respond flexibly to diversifying customer needs, Daitron realizes speedy and reliable delivery meeting international quality and environmental management standards.

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The Equipment Business Operation provides cutting-edge technologies with its original manufacturing equipment for optical devices and semiconductors developed independently based on accurate determination of customer needs.
The Parts Business Operation has recently been expanding the electronic design and production business focusing on wires & harnesses.
D&P Company as a manufacturing company of the Group consisting of these two Operations, is providing high quality products that have not existed in the market, to satisfy customer requirements.
Its original products are also contributing greatly to improving profit margins of the Group with its high profitability.

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POINT5 A large number of customer accounts consisting mainly of major businesses.

The Company has about 600 main customers and a total of as many as about 5000 customers at present. This large number of customer accounts contributes to relieving the impacts of individual customers' performance fluctuation and securing stable sales, which presents a great appeal to manufacturers interested in exploring new business opportunities.

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