About RSS Registration/Text Size Change

About RSS Registration/Text Size Change

About RSS Registration

About RSS RegistrationPart of this website contents are also provided in an XML-based content distribution format (RSS).

This website distributes the following updated information.

rssPress Release Updated press release information of Daitron.
rssIR Information Updated IR Information of Daitron.
rssProduct Information Updated product information of Daitron.
rssEvent Information Updated event information of Daitron.
rssCareer Information Updated career Information of Daitron.

To read the above information, you need an RSS reader registration. RSS readers can be downloaded from part of web browsers or dedicated distribution sites.

* Please understand that we don't accept questions about the RSS or RSS readers.

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About Text Size Change

You can change the text size of this website. Please select the size you like.

Change by button
Change by button

You can select [Standard] or [Increase].

[Standard]: Click here when you want to get the standard (default) text size.
[Increase]: The text size is increased each time you click here.

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