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Introducing a line of visual test systems for LSI wafers and chips, as well as process systems and inspection devices for custom specifications.


Visual Inspection System

Laser Diode Manufacturing Equipment

Wafer Visual Inspection System VIM-150

  • Assesses the back-side for marks (impressions) left after the IC chip mounting process on a liquid crystal panel.
  • Numerically controlled chip-to-chip feed rate for high-speed and accuracy.
  • Shifting from source chip to gate chip is automatically executed for work efficiency.
  • Microscope equipped with Nomarski differential interference optics system.
  • Operator designates areas where inspection is required. Other areas are skipped.
  • Compact, lightweight design suitable for workbench settings.
  • Up to ten recipes available. Digitalized data allows easy recipe registration and changes.
  • Separation/magnification modes enables division of single chip into 100 inspection areas.
  • Maximum 100-chip simultaneous inspection also available.
  • Suction stage features a θ-correction function (manual type) to correct chip mount orientation.

IC Chip Visual Inspection Marking Machine VIM-200

  • Auto feeding by wafer transfer mechanism (up to 8-inch wafer or wafer ring)
  • By using a map file, various inspection modes including markless inspection, acceptable chip inspection, and sampling inspection are available.
  • Inspection results are written into a map file
  • Compatible with in-plant communication
Basic specifications
Wafer size 8-inch (MAX)
Metal Microscope Remote control
NG sorting class 20 classes
Counter Displayed on screen
In-plant communication SECS-II compliant
Evaluation Operator

Laser Diode Probing Machine  LD-PM-1300

  • The LD-PM-1300 is an automatic laser diode probing machine. This machine transfers a bar-shaped laser diode from a special tray, corrects its position, connects to the chip electrodes with probes to measure electrical, wavelength, and optical characteristics. The machine then marks the chip as NG (no good) if it fails any of these tests.
Basic specifications
LD bar 7 mm-30 mm
Chip 200μm-2000μm (square)

Laser Diode [Bar] Alignment Machine LD-A(R)M-1000F

  • The laser diodes are manually placed on the positioning stage.
  • Then the LD-A(R)M-1000F automatically aligns laser diodes (LD bar) and spacers alternately to a special jig in order to deposit a protective coating on the cleaved surface.
  • This machine greatly speeds up this process and increases throughput as a result.
  • Different sizes of LD bars can be placed in the jig.
Basic specifications
LD bar 7 mm-40 mm
Cavity 200μm-2000μm (square)
Alignment jig Customized


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