Cleaning Machine

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Product Comparison Table

  WJS-150B WJS-200B WJS-300B AWS-200
Wafer size 6-inch (MAX) 8-inch (MAX) 12-inch (MAX) 8-inch (Max)
Ring size 6-inch (MAX) 8-inch (MAX) 12-inch (MAX) 6-inch (Max)
High-speed JET cleaning Up to 100kg/cm2 100kg/cm2 (Max)
Brush cleaning Nylon or PVA Nylon, PVA or 1.1 MHz, 100W
Ultrasonic cleaning 1.1 MHz
2-fluid cleaning Dedicated nozzle  
Stage RPM 3,000rpm 0rpm-3,000rpm
Recipe registration 10ch 10ch
Cleaning step 20-step 20-step
Machine size 600 (W) ×530 (D)× 540(H) *WJS-150B It depends on specifications.
Number of cassettes It depends on specifications. One loader cassette/One unloader cassette (Max. 5 cassette (Optional))


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