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Introducing a compact, simple to use series of washing systems that use DI water.
The line includes units for spin washing wafers to fixture washing.


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for Tray

Wafer Jet Scrubber WJS(DJC)-150B/200B/300B

  • High-speed cleaning with pure water
  • The WJS(DJC)-150B/200B/300B all function as compact wafer cleaners applicable to wafers in various stages of device implantation. Processing can include a whole wafer or wafer ring (half-cut, full-cut, expanded form).
  • With addition of a special nozzle, surfactant (neutral/alkalescent) can be spayed on the wafer during the brush cleaning process.
  • Optional brush pressure mechanism can be installed.
Basic specifications
Wafer size 6-inch (MAX): 150B / 8-inch (MAX): 200B / 12-inch (MAX): 300B
Ring size 6-inch (MAX): 150B / 8-inch (MAX): 200B / 12-inch (MAX): 300B
High-speed JET cleaning Up to 100kg/cm2
Brush cleaning Nylon or PVA
Ultrasonic cleaning 1.1 MHz
2-fluid cleaning Dedicated nozzle
Stage RPM 3,000rpm
Recipe registration 10ch
Cleaning step 20-step
Machine size 600 (W) ×530 (D)× 540(H) *WJS-150B

Automatic Scrubber  AWS-200

  • The AWS-200 contains the same cleaning mechanism of the WJS-150 with the addition of a transfer robot to allow automated loading and unloading.
  • Transfer robot removes wafers one at a time from the bottom of the loader cassette. The fullly automated washing system then rinses the wafer surface, provides brush washing as well as high pressure jet washing before drying it with a high-speed spin process and then placing it in the top of the unloader cassette.
  • Wafer exchange time (throughput) is drastically reduced with the use of a double arm type robot.
  • Uses no environmentally hazardous materials such as CFC. Only DI water is used.
  • Optimum conditions are easy to set because parameters (time and stage RPM) for rinsing, brushing, high-pressure jet cleaning, 2-fluid cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and spin drying, and process sequences can be digitally set (MAX 20 steps).
  • Amount of contact between the wafer and brush can be set by the operator.
  • Wash tank is designed to take air flow into account so that dust generated during washing will not readhere onto wafers.
  • Efficiently cleans and dries wafers in a short time.
Basic specifications
Wafer size 8-inch (Max.)
Wafer ring size 6-inch (Max.)
High-speed jet cleaning 100kg/cm2 (Max.)
Brush cleaning or Ultrasonic cleaning Nylon, PVA or 1.1 MHz, 100W
Stage RPM 0rpm-3,000rpm
Registered recipe 10ch
Cleaning steps 20 steps
Wafer transfer Double arm robot
Number of cassettes One loader cassette/One unloader cassette (Max. 5 cassette (Optional))

Auto Chip Tray Washing System TBW-125B(C)

  • The TBW-125B(C) is an automatic die bond tray cleaning machine consisting of a cleaning mechanism similar to the WJS-150 and a transfer robot.
  • The double arm type robot drastically shortens the through put time.
  • TBW-125B(C) automatically cleans die bond trays using brushes.
  • 3 types of trays can be used by simple setup change
Basic specifications
Tray size Common to square 2-inch & 3-inch (common to square 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch)
Cleaning Brush or Jet or 2-fluid
Dry nozzle 1 fixed-type, 1 swing-type
Tact time 500 wafers/hour


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