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Manufacturing Equipment Department

Daitron offers numerous types of device and system services for semiconductor device manufacturing.
Daitron provides processing and inspection equipment for advanced devices such as solar panels, liquid crystal panels, LEDs and power devices, as well as for device substrate materials including silicon, sapphire and SiC. This includes feature-rich original Daitron products.

Si/Sapphire Wafer & Device Manufacturing Equipment

Daitron has years of experience providing manufacturing equipment for use in semiconductor device and wafer substrate manufacturing.

Energy Device Manufacturing Equipment
Solar Battery Manufacturing Equipment

Daitron provides manufacturing equipment for use in the manufacture of energy-related devices that can meet manufacturing requirements for applications including Si solar batteries, thin-film solar batteries, composite-compatible batteries, dye sensitized solar cells, organic solar cells, Li batteries, fuel cells and more.

LD & LED Manufacturing Equipment

Daitron provides device and system services for the manufacture of LED chips/modules (for LED lamps) and laser diodes (for communication).
This lineup features Daitron original products.

LCD/Organic EL/Touch Panel/Cover Glass Manufacturing Systems

Daitron provides device and system services for the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPDs for smart phones and thin panel TVs).
These fulfill manufacturing requirements for a variety of applications including liquid crystal, organic EL, color filters, touch panels, and cover glass.

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